Major Beta Testing Challenges Faced by Testers

Major Beta Testing Challenges Faced by Testers

Beta testing is an important testing type that ensures a product’s robustness from a user’s viewpoint. Conducting beta testing has its challenges, but, how those challenges are being structurally solved needs to be pondered upon by the concerned teams.

Companies need to set a proper workable strategy for conducting beta testing successfully. In this article, you will get to know about the beta testing challenges faced by testers.

It is a testing method where users (also known as ‘beta testers’) will test the product and validate it on the basis of compatibility, reliability, usability, and functionality.

Generally, a beta version of a product is tested. The feedback is obtained by the beta testers and then if need be required, the necessary modifications or changes are carried out in order to further improve the quality of the software product.

1. The number of users who participate in testing: High-level participation from beta testers is a key challenge that needs to be worked upon strategically. As per research, around 70% or more beta testers will not provide adequate feedback through which product performance analysis cannot be done in-depth.

This in turn leads to time being wasted. The concerned development and testing teams must ensure that the participants should be engaged throughout the test.

2. Resources need to be properly scrutinized: The testing may happen during hectic times. The launch date is looming, every loose end is being closed by the product development team and thus there might be instances where a proper beta test environment is not being set up.

There might also be instances where the key professionals responsible for conducting beta tests may not have the necessary skills to conduct the test in a productive manner.

A comprehensive beta test plan needs to be developed, which will, in turn, determine what are the specific resources required for conducting the test in a successful manner.

3. Gathering valuable feedback: The entire feedback received may not be of worth. Users may provide feedback that might be irrelevant from a product quality point of view.

Valuable feedback means that which directly impacts the quality of the product or specific information that meets the goal of the beta test. Testers must be encouraged constantly so that they are able to build meaningful feedback.